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Exede offers download speeds up to 4x faster than average DSL speed.*


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About Our Services

Want to know how satellite broadband works? Exede Broadband delivers download speeds up to 4x faster than average DSL speed.* Ready for VOIP, streaming video and movies?

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  • Web Browsing
  • Emails
  • Social Media
  • Photo Downloads
  • File Downloads
  • Streaming Music
  • Streaming Video
  • Video Chat
  • Movies (Standard Def.)
  • Movies (High Def.)

We’re about to change everything you think about broadband via satellite! With the new Exede service, you can now enjoy the full extent of what the Internet offers:

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Watch streaming videos, TV shows and movies with fewer buffering delays. Better video chat with less jitter. Share more photos with friends over time.

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Already a Wildblue Customer?

Wildblue is now Exede/Viasat. With the launch of a new state of the art satellite, Exede is now able to provide you 12 mbps.

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